Saturday, 5 October 2013

How do i communicate effectively with my classmates and rommates.

first time I signed to be a student in kptmKB and I continue a key  numbered A-306 and go to my room floor. I put the bag and my luggage in my room when it's my new friends in the room named Wani, Fatin Nadia and Syahidah. I began to criticize and say hello and smiled at them and asked from where and at what cost to take this campus. From day to day we are getting closer relationships with each other. We went out to Tesco and eat together. When the class was that I have many new friends in the area of ​​tourism diploma in AH101. Closest friends with me is Miza, Ira, Umie, Anis, Salmie, Az. I always leave class with them. We also often exchanged views on education and understanding in a matter. They were among friends, colleagues, and family like me on campus KPTM Kota Bharu for this .

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