Monday, 7 October 2013

What should i do to achieve my dream

I learned in kptmkb dream is to realize my dream and my parents to get a roll of graduates and diploma courses in diploma in tourism in this kptmkn. I must study hard and study smart in my field endeavors to achieve that dream. dream ... I always thought that dreams we want to achieve is not easy and we have to strive hard to achieve it. Let us now difficult to be creative thousand sorrows, As long as we return later brought millions joy "Osman Affan" to succeed in life. I also always remember that God is always with us even though we are in alone. the dream and my opinion .... what about you??

What should i do to improve my public speaking skills

For me what I should I do to dramatically improved my public speaking is, first I need to refer and many asked to lecture people experienced as well as my predecessors versed about public speaking in front of people.Second,practice both training and always ready. relax, take a deep breath, think positive when you want to make public speaking. Also play a role importantly clothes will make us confidence in the future when making public speaking.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Why am i afraid to speak English

One of my language of my love and passion is the English language. But I was able to master without the requisite language spoke fluent English language not to mention the language in public or chat english language. I was afraid to talk for fear of English language and run the point. But I love listening to English songs it very interesting and they look nice. I also practice speaking  English through to listening English songs,watching movie  and video songs with english lyrics, I followed it and try to understand the meaning of the lyric . That also part of my hobby of listening to songs and watching english movies.

How do i communicate effectively with my classmates and rommates.

first time I signed to be a student in kptmKB and I continue a key  numbered A-306 and go to my room floor. I put the bag and my luggage in my room when it's my new friends in the room named Wani, Fatin Nadia and Syahidah. I began to criticize and say hello and smiled at them and asked from where and at what cost to take this campus. From day to day we are getting closer relationships with each other. We went out to Tesco and eat together. When the class was that I have many new friends in the area of ​​tourism diploma in AH101. Closest friends with me is Miza, Ira, Umie, Anis, Salmie, Az. I always leave class with them. We also often exchanged views on education and understanding in a matter. They were among friends, colleagues, and family like me on campus KPTM Kota Bharu for this .


How do i adapt with the new environment when i first came to KPTMKB..

I am Faeza, i have experience in new environment at the college. one day i have been register at Kolej Poly-Tech Mara Kota Bharu(KPTM KB), i take course Diploma In Tourism.
         I'm so happy because i can continue my study at KPTM KB also i can fulfill my mom and dad dream to see their first daughter to continue study at the higher level, but i'm glad that i can go to college even i cannot go to university to continues my study.
         In the first day at college, i have to adapt my self with the new environment at college to make myself not nervous. i take my strength to make friends with another students.i'm so glad because i have friends at college , my first beloved friends also closed is Fatin and Wani.they are the most i love and friendly friends to me.
         Also that i make my self not shame to everyone and make friends at college.i can make many friends at college if i not shame to talk with a new friends and students because went we shame to talk with another person  because it is make our self limited to talk with them and also they not realize we if we not talk to them first if we want to know them.
          Even i can make my self happy if i nervous because when we quite or not friendly with anyone we can't get friends because i know mostly students not very friendly if we can't talk or speak with them first.
          In other words, if we go somewhere and new environment, we must adapt our self because it can help us to make our life easy after that.